Religious Education

Religious Education at Grove Road Primary School

“The essence of all religions speak of peace, compassion, justice and

 the interconnection of all life” Anne Emerson

Religious Education makes a major contribution to the education of our children because it is intelluctually challenging and personally enriching. It helps the children to develop their beliefs and values as well as promoting respect and empathy towards others.

Grove Road Primary School is a community school and we deliver Religious Education in line with the locally agreed syllabus (Widening Horizons) and our policy is informed by current national guidance.

At Grove Road we aim for our children to accept that we are part of a family within which nationality, race and cultural differences should never introduce division. We want our children to understand, appreciate and gain from all religious traditions by approaching and learning in a spirit of openness and humility. This is achieved by:

  • Adopting an enquiry-based approach during which the children can pose and investigate questions they have about religion – a practise recommended by Ofsted.
  • Encouraging the children to learn from their own life experiences and those of others.
  • Provoking debates about challenging questions regarding meaning and purpose, beliefs and issues of right and wrong.
  • Helping the children to understand the place of religion in today’s world.
  • Encouraging the children to explore their own beliefs (religious and non-religious) in the light of what they learn.
  • Enabling the children to build their sense of belonging and identify how they might contribute to our community.
  • Teaching the children to develop respect for others including people with different faiths and beliefs so helping them to challenge prejudice and stereotypes.
  • Nurturing the children’s own spiritual development by encoraging empathy, generosity and compassion and developing a sense of awe, wonder and mystery. Religious Education has an unique place in the school curriculum in that it is neither a core subject nor a foundation subject. The 1988 Education Act states that Religious Education has equal standing in relation to core subjects of the National Curriculum in that it is compulsory for all pupils. If you wish to have your child(ren) excused from Religious Education, due to reasons of religious conscience, then parents/carers must contact the Headteacher.