Skills and Values

School life is an important journey but is not just about the academic subjects. Children need to learn key life skills and values in order to become healthy and respectful citizens. All parts of school life are equally important and thus we have chosen our key skills and values to underpin all experiences at Grove Road School.

Each Half-term we will explore one of these skills & values in more detail through assemblies and activities. They also form part of our behaviour policy and the expectations of behaviours for everyone at Grove Road School.

Autumn 1


This is when we demonstrate our independent skills and know when to just get on and do!

We show that we can organise ourselves appropriately and be ready to learn. We can use our collaborative skills and support one another when it is appropriate to do so.

We may have ideas that we will share and explore with one another. We may demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to take on new things and ideas with confidence and just go for it!

Autumn 2


This is when we show that we never give up!

Even when we are faced with challenges or something new we give it 100% and show stamina and endurance.

We can try different ways of doing things always ensuring that we try to improve or better ourselves.

We do not retaliate and show real strength of character. We persevere, if something is worth doing we do it well!

Spring 1


This is when we understand that there are consequences to the choices that we make.

We respect each other’s feelings and situations or circumstances.

We care about each other and show kindness to each other.

We can reflect on our actions and behaviour choices and always want to do better.

We want to help each other and ourselves to be better citizens.

We always show good manners and politeness.

Spring 2


This is when we try new things and push ourselves to be better.

We always give new initiatives and things a go – we never know – we might enjoy it!

We can be risk-takers and learn outside of our comfort zones.

We can stand up for ourselves and are always trying to improve and be a better version of ourselves.

Summer 1


This is when we show an interest in our learning and the world in which we live.

We show this by extending our learning, maybe by furthering our learning or interests at home, in our own time.

We can extend our learning and understanding by reading similar books, stories by the same authors, exploring a country further, researching a science topic, the list is endless!

We show a real thirst for knowledge and understanding of the time and world in which we live.

Summer 2


This is when we want to inspire and show off our creative side when learning.

We might want to add a bit more, add some personal flair or just be creative with what we have.

We want to be unique and stand out.

We want to show another side to learning and enjoy diversity.

We want to share our imaginative side and not to be afraid of thinking differently!