Latest News

Red & Orange class are having a fabulous time at @Hobbledown1

Today we have taken part in a ‘Maths Games Festival’ to remind us about the enjoyment and fun in maths!

We have all been taking part in an international dance workshop today linked to our topic country

Yellow & Green Classes were thrilled to finally have access to their new garden!

It’s sports day! We had a lovely morning of activities and it was lovely to welcome back our parent spectators!

Red & Orange Class have kicked off our 2022 Race for Life!

What a wonderful way for Gold Class to celebrate the end of Year 6!

Indigo Class have enjoyed learning about earthquakes and volcanoes at the @NHM_London today

Red and Orange Class have been making their own passports. They have been  writing their name, age, home country and passport number.

School council visited Hobbledown Heath today to see how construction is going?

As part of ‘No Pens Wednesday’ Violet Class are measuring their proportions based on Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Violet Class have had a great day at the British Museum!

Indigo Class have been taking part in pedestrian skills training today

Green Class have been testing their boats in the pond

Our morning Reading Club is a great place to enjoy stories and talk about our favourite books!