Latest News

Red & Orange Class have enjoyed making teddy bear sandwiches today

A very excited Blue Class are on the way to Richmond Theatre to see a Horrible Histories show!

Very proud to see a former pupil of Grove Road in these photos of a wonderful event today!

We are celebrating @YoungMindsUK Hello Yellow Day today

Special Table is back! Well done to our winners this week 👏🤩

Violet Class had an amazing Egyptian day where they created their own mummy!

Some more wonderful home learning all about harvest

We are always so happy to share additional work that children complete at home. These roundhouses are a great example of some extra History learning at home. Well done!

Here are some of the books available in our Parent section of the library - we are open to all parents from 3:30pm-4:00pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Great day had at The Houses of Parliament with our School Councillors. Thank you @UKParliament

New hall looking amazing! Thank you @TeamTodds for another great job!

Our first group of new Nursery & Reception children are having a great first morning!

We raised an amazing £582.50 for @ReadforGoodUK by completing a sponsored read-a-thon. We are very proud and thankful for all of our super fundraising!

What fantastic weather for our end of year fun day! 🌞😃🙌🏻

Indigo Class have created a fantastic website to summarise their learning about natural disasters!

Please help yourself to any food that you might like from our community kitchen today!

A very happy group of children enjoying lunch out! It was a pleasure to thank the children’s leadership team for their work this year as well as celebrate one student’s 250 point purchase from her positive points!

Afternoon Tea with the HT and DHT for earning positive points!

Blue Class have been relaxing as part of an experience day to help them with their writing of instructions. #sentencestacking @janeconsidine

Our race for life was a huge success today! So far we have raised a breath-taking £829!

We will be hoping to run our own race for life next week to raise money for Cancer Research. If you would like to donate, here is the link:

Nursery have enjoyed exploring and selecting books to keep from the book hut!

Something exciting has arrived at Grove Road this week! Children will be bringing home some books to keep very soon! @Lonbookproject

Green Class enjoyed their celebration picnic this afternoon for winning our gardening competition!

EYFS didn’t let the rain stop them from enjoying international picnic day!