Vision & Aims

At Grove Road Primary School, the history curriculum supports the development of a curious mindset. Pupils are given opportunities throughout KS1 and KS2 to experience and reflect on past history in Britain and the wider world. Unique experiences will encourage pupils to develop their historical intrigue.

Pupils are equipped as global citizens to make independent judgements, acknowledging the past, present and future of the world around them. Moreover, it is our aim that pupils will become accountable citizens, understanding their role in the world.

Children at our school will explore different societies, how they were organised and what beliefs and cultures influenced people’s actions. Furthermore, children will develop their understanding of chronology, making links between their prior learning and furthering their knowledge of significant events and people. As a result, pupils will be given opportunities to discover the diversity of human experience throughout the ages. Collectively pupils will understand more about themselves as individuals and members of society.

Grove Road Primary School pupils will conduct their own investigate research, retrieving key historical evidence and reaching their own conclusions. Opportunities will be sought to ask and answer significant questions and justify viewpoints. Discoveries in the local area and beyond will be investigated. Children will improve their understanding of cultures and civilisations beyond just our own. Events and periods in British history will be delved into with societal changes examined.

Teaching & Learning

  • investigate how and why events happen and how they may be linked;
  • consider what it was like to live in different periods and what motivated the people who lived then;
  • recognise that history has to be constructed from the bits of the past that have survived;
  • understand that people interpret the past differently and use different ways to present their ideas;
  • make thoughtful use of a variety of sources to find out about the past;
  • communicate ideas in a variety of ways and with clarity and independence.