Physical Education

Physical Education at Grove Road

“The first 10 years of life provide a critical window for creating a lifelong commitment to physical activity.  Physical activity does more than create good health.  It contributes to leadership, productivity and innovation.  It lowers depression and crime, increases educational achievement and income levels…”

©Nike, Inc. (2014), DESIGNED TO MOVE: A Physical Activity Action Agenda.™

Vision and Aims

At Grove Road, we aim to deliver an inspiring, high quality and fun Physical Education curriculum, which not only promotes physical competence, but cross-curricular and lifelong learning skills such as team-work, leadership, imagination and determination.  Through outstanding teaching, we aim for children to develop a love of exercise and continue to lead healthy, active lifestyles into their adult life.

Learning and Teaching

To fulfill our vision and aims, Grove Road are committed to:

  • Children receiving two sessions of Physical Education a week, including a term of swimming in KS2; 
  • Building an excellent foundation for physical competency by focusing on fundamental and multi-skills; 
  • Offering a wide variety of competition opportunities, both in school and against other schools; 
  • Ongoing teaching development through partnership with Sport Impact;
  • Ensuring equipment is assessed and updated where necessary;
  • Offering a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs;
  • Promoting PE and Sport through leadership opportunities and an annual sports week;
  • Creating links with clubs so children have the opportunity to excel in sports outside of school.