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Art and Design at Grove Road


At Grove Road we believe that teaching and learning in art is important because it stimulates children’s creativity and imagination and inventiveness. Art and design provides children with a unique way of responding to and developing further understanding of the world around them.


At Grove Road we aim to offer opportunities for children to:-


express themselves visually.


use their tactile and sensory experiences.


work from imagination, memory and the environment.


record observations from direct experiences.


use art as a means of communication.


discuss, convey or express their responses and feelings.

enjoy creative activities.


learn to make informed, value judgements, aesthetic and practical



Our key teaching objectives are to:


provide children with the opportunity to use and experience a range of

   2D and 3D materials.


teach children basic art skills and techniques.


teach children to care for, clean and store equipment carefully.


give children the experience of visiting an art gallery, to increase their

   enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts.


-   encourage children to appreciate the work of other artists, crafts

    people and designers.


-   learn about the different role and functions of art, craft and design

    in contemporary life, and in different times and cultures.


Wherever appropriate art and design is linked to other areas of the curriculum.

Through art and design we aim to extend and enrich other curriculum areas.

  • Grove Road Primary School,
  • Cromwell Road,
  • Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 3QQ