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Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators                                 

To be a Peer Mediator you need to remain calm in difficult situations. You need to be fair to all children, and, you must be a great role model for our younger children.


Here are some of our roles and responsibilities:


  • Being on duty at lunchtime once a week – resolving small conflicts and helping children have happy playtimes

  • Awarding good choice cards / golden tickets

  • Being a wet play monitor in a younger class

  • Being a tour guide for visitors to our school

  • Working in reception at lunchtime

  • Being involved with our RECEPTION class and helping with their induction


    To help you with all these responsibilities you are given training in how to be a perfect peer mediator by Miss Colenso!


    To be selected to be a peer mediator you need to present to your class how you would solve ONE of the conflicts below.


    CONFLICT 1: A boy says that he is being called nasty names by another child. What do you do?


    CONFLICT 2: A girl has fallen over and said that someone deliberately pushed her over. What do you do?


    CONFLICT 3: Two children are arguing about a ball. One says it is theirs, the other says it is theirs. What do you do?



    And that is how we were chosen to be Peer Mediators! Look for us on the playground - we wear yellow, hi-vis waistcoats so we stand out clearly to everyone. We also wear a badge so you can recognise us in school too.




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  • Cromwell Road,
  • Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 3QQ