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Children's Leadership group





The Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl at Grove Road Primary School must lead by example at all times in their behaviour, the respect they show to others and their school uniform.  Their role is varied and to be awarded this honour is considered to be a real privilege.

Some of the many roles and responsibilities they take on are:

  • Helping the Headteacher with parent afternoons or parent meetings.

  • Showing visitors around the school.

  • Representing the school at events and open days.

  • Presenting in assemblies.

  • Updating the website with children’s events in school.

  • Communicating with parents through the school newsletter.

  • Helping the Leadership team in interviewing staff.



    Why we have a Children's Leadership Team.
    As part of our Rights Respecting Education and Mission Statement, we believe that children need to experience duties and responsibilities that come with being a member of a community in order to help them prepare to play an active role as citizens.

    We believe that all children can be leaders and that speaking out for what they believe in is important, so long as it is done with respect and is sympathetic towards all groups. Along with the School Council the Children's Leadership Team share the views of the pupils with staff and parents and report from the children's perspective.





"I think this school is a caring and loving school. I really love it - especially the playground which is fun and the rotas are fair. I have really learned a lot and I am glad that I have joined. I have made lots of friends and the teachers are funny and friendly."






"Grove Road Primary School is the best school that any child can go to. I think the school is fabulous in every way and provides everything from sports facilities and all choices of clubs. We are a family school where all of us are equally valued"





"I think this school is thoughtful and very caring. The teachers are very kind and the playground is amazing. I am really glad that I am at this school"







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